Test Cricket Is The Ultimate Goal For Adam Zampa

The famous Australian leg spinner Adam Zampa has said that he is still very keen to play Test cricket. As Zampa is just a part of the country’s limited-over plans, he is determined to change his image of being a white-ball  bowler.

“For  me playing Test cricket is still the ultimate goal. Over the last few years it’s probably really easy for people to pinpoint me as a while-ball bowler. I’ve played most of the white-ball games for Australia over the last few years so it’s really limited my first-class opportunities so I really want to change people’s perceptions,” Zampa stated on Tuesday (May 12).The 28-year old bowler has only played 38 first-class games since his debut in  2012 but his absence in the last few years is ascribed to him being just a standard bowler with both the ODI and T20 squads


“I know my first-class record doesn’t really speak for itself but over the last three years when haven’t really been playing first-class cricket… I’ve really improved as a bowler so I’m looking to still get that baggy green,” he said.

Despite his little contribution to the national side, he is not willing to drop a format in order to achieve his Baggy Green.

“It is a tough one. Particularly with the international schedule and how it’ll look after Covid, they’ll try to squeeze more cricket in. It’s a tough question to answer. I don’t believe I want to drop any formats of the game to try and reach that ambition. My best way to do that is to continue what I’ve been doing in white-ball cricket for Australia”

“But also when I get the opportunity in first-class cricket to take it. It’s a tough one but you have to roll with the schedule. It’s important to keep playing for Australia, any international game is very important for me. That’s my best way in to steadily improve and hope that there are some red-ball opportunities down the line,” Zampa revealed.

The Australians are making every effort to find a compatible partner to Nathan Lyon in spin-friendly conditions on overseas tours.

 “The biggest reason for that would be the drop-in wickets that has changed the game massively and it’s really hard to get a day four turner with any rough. We’ve seen the Dukes ball as well, which can really suit spin bowlers but unfortunately the wickets have been a little on the greener side” Zampa said as he believes that lack of exposure on the domestic stage plays a major role.

“For spinners to be in the game on day four… It’s basically been taken out of the game except for maybe the SCG sometimes, if the weather suits as well. We’ve had to play a different role in first-class cricket, that’s why you see the numbers have changed,” Zampa highlighted.

The cricket fraternity has been requested to provide Seamer-friendly surfaces requested to be since batsmen are not getting quality runs regularly.

“Personally I’d love to see that (more emphasis) as a spin bowler. There is a lot said about bowling on flat wickets, Nathan (Lyon) does that really well himself, but realistically us, the other spinners, are going to be partnering Nathan in upcoming tours. I don’t really know what it’s like to bowl on a spinning wicket in Shield cricket.” Zampa emphasized.

He concluded by summarizing his thoughts,

“The closest thing I’ve had to a spinning wicket is Adelaide Oval when it’s green and thatchy and that limits the amount of overs you bowl as well. I think there should be emphasis put on it. We put a lot of effort into playing the swinging ball in England, the Duke ball in Shield cricket, so it’s really important. Don’t know if it has to be every wicket but think there has to be some sort of emphasis of bringing spin bowlers back into the game especially on day four,” Zampa said.”

Updated: May 12, 2020 — 4:40 pm

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