PCB Very Optimistic of Pakistan Tour of England, says Wasim Khan

The PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) is upbeat about the running plans that are being put into place for this summer’s tour of England by Pakistan and made accords with ECB after their pledge, hoping to return back to the ground after  months of worldwide lockdown.

Players will be kept in a bio-secure atmosphere as soon as  they land in the country to play their scheduled matches.

The Pakistan cricket team is required to fly to the UK on a chartered flight in early July and they will be granted one base as a venue where they can not only carry out their training and practice games but also spend the mandatory two-week quarantine period for all the visitors outside the UK.

The venue has not been confirmed yet which will most likely be in premises of their hotel but would be separate from the two venues the series of six international matches is to be played in.

“We were presented with a lot of the planning and detail that the ECB are putting into place for this summer, especially on the operational side, right from the plane for travel to the bio-secure venues we will play in,”

Wasim Khan, the PCB chief executive said.

“It was very, very encouraging from that point of view and the PCB is very optimistic about the plans in place.”

However the tour is totally dependent on how situation unfolds in the upcoming days, since the UK is slowly getting out of the lockdown, being one of the worst-hit countries by the coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover,  the lockdown isn’t as strict as before and a few people are returning to work as the curve is getting a little steeper. England players are expected to individual skill-based exercises next week.

Pakistan are looking forward to be their second visitors this summer. This tour is also onditional on the Pakistan cricket team’s decision to fly to the UK or not

“We’re going to be speaking to the players this coming week and update them on the ECB’s plans,”  “We’re not going to force any player to tour if they don’t feel comfortable.” Wasim Khan said

Updated: May 16, 2020 — 5:25 pm

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